Data Science at the service of business

Let's make use of the Smart Data

The business processes rely usually on transactional Information Systems like ERP (SAP, Oracle, etc.). This guarantees the consistency and traceability of all main industrial business (Supply Chain, Production, Maintenance, Finance, etc.).

However, these systems quickly show their limits when it is a matter of making data meaningful and taking advantage of data value.

In addition to these systems, DataPowa develops apps and algorithms to allow users to release and augment this value.

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DataPowa Inventory Management

The DPIM (DataPowa Inventory Management) app is dedicated to procurement and inventory management teams, managers and internal consumers of stored materials. It allows you to structure, simplify and visualize your optimization process.

It is based on the data from your ERP: material master, movements, organizational data, etc.

It offers several inventory parameters calculation algorithms (classification, safety stocks, reorder points, lot sizes, etc.) adapted to your different kinds of inventory. The results of these calculations are submitted to people for validation. After a decision of changing a parameter is taken by a user, your ERP is updated to run properly with the new parameters.

Moreover, it allows managers to follow-up the actions of the teams through customizable dashboards.

The structure of the tool is made to fit your organization and your processes. It is based on roles that open different features depending on the need of the users: reader, inventory manager, team leader and administrator.

DPIM is a web app accessible from any device (PC/Tablet/Smartphone), which can be deployed in a SaaS mode (cloud) or On-Premise in your intranet.

The app is available in English and French.


  • Gather and give access to all relevant data for involved people ;
  • Make data readable thanks to visualization ;
  • Help procurement & inventory teams to take the best day-to-day decisions, thanks to powerful algorithms ;
  • Simplify the optimization plan follow-up through interactive dashboards dedicated to managers ;
  • Encourage collaboration between people and departments ;
  • Support mobility with an interface accessible on any device (PC/Tablet/Smartphone).

Continuous improvement approach

We continuously improve our DPIM app. Using the expertise of SensioLabs (creator of Symfony framework) and its SymfonyInsight tool, our app won the platinum medal, awarding our deep work for security, architecture and performance of our app.

But this medal is only a beginning. We work hardly everyday to extend the functional field of our app, while ensuring its technical quality.

Illustrations of DPIM interface

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