Industrial companies from all sectors (Metallurgy, Energy, Chemical, Gas, Materials, Manufacturing, Mining, Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, …) have worked for many years on optimizing inventory of components that are directly linked to the value chain of their final products. Thus, the main optimization levers were those of the deterministic planning approach : demand forecast, MPS/S&OP, MRP using BOMs and deterministic demand...

However, the materials that have a more intermittent demand and that are not directly linked to the final product - like industrial spare parts or general consumables for instance - held less attention from the industrial companies. This lead to poorly managed procurement, with critical shortages with high stake impacts on the one hand, and overstocks with eventually scrapping on the other hand.

In this context, lots of Supply Chain directions want to lead procurement and inventory optimization projects dedicated to spare parts, with high level objectives in terms of service level increase and financial costs decrease.

Our return on experience, acquired especially in the industry, will bring you a strong methodology and efficient tools on this technical and complex topic.

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