Customers references & testimonies

“I would like to thank DataPowa for the quality of their service to help us optimizing our procurement & warehouse flows, in terms of results, costs and planning compliance.

- Jean-Michel Dandonneau, Purchasing/Warehouse Manager, Framatome Rugles

“ An ambitious optimization plan led us to reduce by 20% our upstream inventory within 3 years, especially raw materials, consumables and spare parts

The use of the Inventory Management tool, perfectly adapted to our needs, and offering powerful algorithms to calculate reorder points & lot sizes, was a major pillar of our action plan.

Moreover, it is the global approach that created the best conditions to anchor the best practices: business trainings on the field, inventory & procurement process basics strengthening, IS knowledge…

Thanks to all people who were supporting this successful transformation project, for their skilled actions and for their patience. ”

- François Peignès, VP Supply Chain Operations - ORANO Group